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Maximum Profits From Maximum Ads


Learn how to get more business for your business with Maximum Profits From Minimum Ads - The Small Businessman's Essential Guide to Successful Advertising.


Written by an internationally published author and trained copywriter, Maximum Profits From Minimum Ads contains over 16,500 words written specifically to help SMEs advertise their business properly. And that means profitably.




Because the real purpose of advertising is not to simply let people know about your business - it's to get them to pay money to your business for your products or services.

And for advertising to be truly effective, it has to generate far more in business revenue than it costs. This is especially true for new or small businesses that can't afford to spend vast sums on ads that are commercial failures. When it's your own money you're spending, every penny counts.

What you therefore need to know is how to advertise your business in a way that will bring in the maximum amount of business for the minimum amount of advertising spend - and that's exactly what this book is going to tell you.

Maximum Profits From Minimum Ads tells you about:

* The most common mistake in small ads, why it will lose you money and what you should do instead.
* How to find and identify the best publications in which to place your ads.
* How to tell which ads are pulling in business and which aren't.
* How to turn browsers into buyers.
* The cornerstones of successful advertising as used by the top agencies - and how you can profit from using them yourself.
* The psychology of buyers and how to make it work for you.
* How you can get FREE advertising for your business.
* The actual process of coming up with the right words to use in your ad.
* How to make your ad stand out from the others on the page and so attract the most attention.
* The one line every ad should contain and why it can substantially increase the amount of business you get - so long you avoid making the same mistakes many businesses do. And naturally it tells you how to do that too!

Maximum Profits From Minimum Ads tells you all this and more, and the information it contains is equally valid whether you advertise purely locally or even internationally.What's more, it does it all for less than the cost of one ad in a local newspaper or one hour of a professional copywriter's time.

Produced in pdf e-book form suitable for both Windows and Mac users, Maximum Profits From Minimum Ads contains information that anybody in business should know and is available for immediate download to your computer.

So if you want to avoid wasting your time and your business' money on advertising done the wrong way and start boosting your profits with advertising done the right way, order your copy now.

Price Only £2.99