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Please Note: This article contains practical VAT MOSS accounting advice for UK businesses and Individuals/Sole Traders. If you are from another EU Country then the accounting system I use wont apply to you, but it’s probably worth a ready anyway! Sellers of digital goods and services have been up in arms about the new EU […]
I was supposed to be outside helping to clip some sheep today (new readers and those of you that are unobservant – I live on a real life farm), but the sheep clipping man has failed to turn up. I believe the Americans would describe him as having “demons”, and us Brits would describe him […]
I’m not sure if this warrants a post or not, but man flu and extreme tiredness can do strange things to one’s mind. If you look over to your right, you will see a speldiforous blue banner containing a guy whose divorce papers just came through. Said guy hasn’t really got divorced, that was a […]