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Welcome to my e-Book selection, choose from this stunning, high quality array of

e-Books, most of which come with full resell rights, which means you can sell them on and make far more money than you spent on buying them!

Chinese Recipes

Want to find out how to make your favourite Chinese dishes?


100+ Cocktail Recipes

Fabulous collection of eight e-books crammed with over 100 brilliant recipes for the best cocktails on earth!


Create Your Own Web Site in 5 Days

With video enhanced tutorials

Use affordable tools and save a fortune!


Digital Photography Guide

Digital Photography At Its Best

Browsers And Images

Each Pixel Has A Color!


The Interpretation Of Dreams

Have you ever had a dream and wondered what it was all about?Buy this e-Book and you will find out.


Earn £100's Per Week Using Your Digital Camera

It’s a well-known fact that you’ll never get rich working for someone else.


Create A Flash Website

This amazing new eBook allows anyone to create their own professional Flash website!


Guide To Creating Your Own e-Books

An extremely useful E-Book! Quick & Easy Guide that will make you money!


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Easy Spanish for Babies and Toddlers

Your kids can speak Spanish! With this pack of three easy to follow picture books.


Start Losing Weight FAST With A Low Carb Diet

This E-Book provides you with an extensive range of recipes.


Insomnia - The Complete Guide

Discover the details of the five primary sleeping disorders. Expose the details of the detrimental effect of insomnia.


Ebook Cover Gallery

Do you need covers for your E-Books? Well look no further, here we have a fabulous collection of covers.


1000s Of Gamecube Cheats e-Book!

This e-Book is jam packed with 1000s of cheats, codes, tips and a lot more for 1000's of Gamecube games.


Secret Powers Of Gemstones And Crystals

This is a full colour E-book with a wealth of information and pictures.


Growing Bonsai

All you need to know about growing bonsai!


How To Build A Huge Niche Keyword List

Discover How To Quickly, Easily And For FREE Build A Keyword List Into The Thousands!


How To Paint Trees

Calling all Artists and Painters, do you have trouble painting trees and foliage?


HTML And Web Design For Beginners

This newly released E-Book guides you through the process, step-by-step, of creating your first website from beginning to end.


Derren Brown Style Illusions and Hypnosis Secrets Revealed!

These excellent e-Books are a must for anyone interested in hypnosis.


Hilarious Jokes e-Book

This newly released eBook contains 182 hilarious jokes.


Learn To Make Scoobies


The e-book is illustrated with lots of diagrams and photos of different stitches and things to make.


Learn To Speed Read

This is a full course which will teach you how to speed read. Read quickly and in-depth.


Five Martial Arts PDF e-Books!

If you are Interested in Karate, Taekwondo, Martial Arts?
This is the package for you!


Maximum Profits From Maximum Ads

Learn how to get more business for your business with Maximum Profits From Minimum Ads.





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