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Bruce Lee Martial Arts Guide


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Five Bruce Lee Martial Arts PDF e-Books!


If you are Interested in Karate, Taekwondo, Martial Arts?
This is the package for you!

It contains a very comprehensive package full of all you

need to know about martial arts.

Some excellent reading material here!


Resale rights are included!

You may sell this e-Book for profit.

Or simply buy it for yourself.




You get 5 great martial arts related PDF e-Books, with resale rights!

#1 Bruce Lee's Training Secrets (PDF Document)

#2 Bruce Lee's Speed Training. (PDF Document)

#3 Bruce Lee's Strength Training. (PDF Document)

#4 The Physics of Karate Strikes. (PDF Document)

#5 Pressure Points and Medium Range Combatives. (PDF Document)


Price only £2.99




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