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Free e-Books with Resale Rights - Ebooks with Resale Rights

El Passo books offer top quality FREE eBooks with resell rights. Buy the entire eBook collection for £12.99

Best selling eBook collection with resell rights

We have a wide selection of top quality eBooks all with resale rights available to buy on our site. See below for a full list of titles.


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Secrets of Martial Arts by Bruce Lee

If you are Interested in Karate, Taekwondo, Martial Arts? This is the package for you!

UFO`s and Aliens, fact or fiction? Over 3000 U.F.O. Links
This is an amazing eBook. You cant stop reading it! Includes real UFO video clips.

The 90 day Powerseller Challenge
Can you become an eBay powerseller in 90 days?


The eBay Secrets of Success, great tips for selling on eBay!
Buy this package and learn the secrets of buying and selling on eBay.

Amazing compilation of over 2000 e-books for only £2.49!
Do you love eBooks? If you do then you will love this virtual library, it contains over 2000 items to download.



Credit Secrets revealed, become a financial expert
This eBook has been written by a financial expert. Find out how you could raise £1000`s in credit.

HOT UK Wholesalers sources, Electronics, Furniture, Knives and more!
Do you need the very best UK wholesalers available? If so then you need this eBook. It is updated every 2 weeks.

How to Stop Smoking, the secrets revealed
Have you been wanting to stop smoking but havent found a good way to stop?

How to avoid Speeding Tickets and Speed Traps! only 99p
This eBook really could save your driving licence!

1000 Atkins diet recipes, Low Carb Diet Recipes, Loose weight today!
This eBook provides you with an extensive range of recipes to be used in conjunction with the Dr Atkins diet.

Collection of Witchcraft books including Wicca and Occult
Ever been curious of witchcraft, Wicca or the Occult? If so this product is for you!

The secrets of astrology and tarot card reading
A massive collection containing 12 eBooks containing everything you need to know about astrology and tarot cards.

Practical Lessons in Yoga, only 99p!
Yoga is an exact science based on certain immutable laws of nature.

Unlock your psychic ability, the paranormal explained
Have you ever wished that you had psychic abilities?

Create your own e-book and sell them for massive profits
An extremly useful eBooks. This simple guide WILL make you money!

Derren Brown style Illusions and Hypnosis secrets revealed.
These excellent eBooks are a must for anyone interested in hypnosis.

The true meaning of your dreams, only 99p!
Have you ever had a dream and wondered what it was all about?

101 Romantic ideas + Secrets of great sex and more!
Use these 101 romantic ideas to melt your partners heart.

597 Professional Business Letter templates only 99p!
At your fingertips are 597 professional business letter templates; ready for your instant use.

Over 100 Cocktail recipes written by professionals
Fantastic collection of 8 e-books containing over 100 amazing alcoholic cocktail recipes.

Massive Playstation 2 (PS2) cheats book, only 99p! San Andreas, Gran Turismo
This is a huge collection of Playstation 2 cheats, code, unlockables, guides and more.

Learn how to catch fish - The ultimate fishermans guide
Are you a keen fisherman? If you are then why not try and catch this eBook!

Ultimate Nintendo Gamecube Cheats all in 1 book!
This gamecube cheats eBook is packed with cheats from Mario to Metroid!

How to buy and sell Antiques
Bring out the David Dickinson in you and become a master of buying and selling antiques!

Massive book of XBOX cheats including Halo and project Gotham, only 99p
This eBook contains 1000`s of cheats and codes for just about every game on the Microsoft XBOX.

Ultimate Barbeque (BBQ) recipes, only 49p!
This eBook is a must for anyone that loves a barbeque!

Over 100 quality Bread recipes written by professionals
Are you getting the full benefit from your new Bread Machine?

Selling e-Books on eBay, the secrets revealed
I guarantee that if you follow these instructions you will make money!

eBook Cover Creator
Create top quality eBook covers in an instant with this easy to use software.

182 Hilarious Jokes
This eBook is full of hilarious jokes, a real side splitter!

Autoresponder Magic
Put your business on auto-pilot with these amazing autoresponder email messages.

Basic HTML and Web Design
A great little guide for beginners who are looking into making their own website.

A beginners Guide to Golf
Just started playing Golf? Need to improve to impress a business associate? Then this guide is for you.

Party game ideas
Have you got a childrens party coming up but dont have a clue what games to play? - Then this guide is for you.

115 Ways to become your own boss
Quit your 9 - 5 job and become your own boss. This guide shows you 115 different ways to achieve this!

Great ideas for Pro-Basing Table - top figurines
These are the same ideas used by professional minatures artists.

Easy Spanish for babies and toddlers
This eBook teaches your child shapes, animals and numbers in both English and Spanish.

Advanced Memory Techniques
A course in techniques and skills for mentalists, students and magicians.

Secret powers of Gemstones and Crystals
This is a full colour eBook filled with masses of information on natural healing and the powers of crystals and gemstones.

Chinese cooking recipes
This FREE eBook contains a wide selection of traditional chinese recipes.

Sell premium rate phone services
Create your own premium phone number business. This eBook contains amazing information about starting your own premium rate phone service.

How to create a flash website
This FREE eBooks shows you how anyone with an internet connection can build a professional flash website.

Low fat slow cooker recipes
Over 250 low fat recipes for your slow cooker.

Get Bigger muscles with muscle building mania
Follow the instructions in this eBook and be the envy of your friends!

Learn how to paint trees
Do you find it difficult to paint trees? I did as well before I read this eBook!

Nintendo DS Cheats
Do you own the best handheld console on the market? If you do then you should buy this cheat guide!

Sony PSP console hacks, Tips & Tricks
Did you know all of the things that you can do with your PSP? Check out this guide, you wont regret it!

Public Domain Profiting
Follow this guide and make money through public domain profiting!

Learn to make Scoobies and Scoubidou
Scoobies are the latest craze to sweep through the UK. Follow this guide and keep your children amused for hours.

Become a Mystery Shopper
Make money by doing Mystery Shopping assignments for companies!

7 step SEO Course | Search Engine Optimisation Lessons | SEO for Beginners
7 simple SEO Lessons. Search Engine Optimisation course for beginners. Fantastic Search Engine Optimization course written by SEO expert Brad Callen.

Best selling eBook collection with resell rights - Page 2

We have a wide selection of top quality eBooks all with resale rights available to buy on our site. See below for a full list of titles.

101 Practical money saving Tips | Money saving ideas
Practical money saving tips and ideas written by experts. Ebook includes money saving ideas for Teens, Students, Weddings and more.

Baby heath and safety tips | Baby Safety guide for parents
Baby health and safety guide written by a full time mother. Make your house safe for your baby or toddler. A very useful baby safety guide for parents.

Buy a cheap property in Cyprus | Investment houses in Cyprus
The Cyprus report gives you amazing tips on how to buy a cheap property in Cyprus. Invest in a property in Northern or southern cyprus today.

Guide to Buying and Selling used cars | Where to buy and sell
Your guide to buying and selling used cars. Buy cheap used cars and sell them again for big profits. When to buy and when to sell.

Cheesecake Recipes | Low fat | Cream | Chocolate | Cherry | Almond | Amaretto
Hundreds of popular Cheesecake Recipes from around the world. Cheescakes recipes including chocolate cream, almond, low fat and more!

Build a free personal or professional web site in 5 days
Enhanced video tutorials teaching you how to build a free personal or professional website in 5 days. How to build a flash or HTML based website with easy to follow instructions.

Credit Card consumer information | Debt consolidation information for students
Credit card consumer information and debt consolidation information for students. Amazing credit card guide showing you the real truth about credit cards.

Digital photography guide for amateur and beginner digital photographers
An in depth Digital Photography guide for beginners. Learn digital photography terms and interesting information that you didnt know before.

E-book cover gallery template maker
The e-book cover gallery gives you full colour e-book cover templates and designs.

Growing the Japanese Bonsai Tree | Grow Bonsai plants
A unique guide showing you the art of Growing your own Bonsai Tree. Stacks of information about the famous Japanese Bonsai tree, sometimes known as the Bonsai Plant.

How to build a huge Niche Keyword list | Improve website traffic
Do you need to find some niche keywords to help increase your website traffic. This amazing e-Book shows you how to quickly and easily build a huge niche keyword list.

Famous food cooking recipes from around the world | Over 1000 recipes
Come and discover some of the finest food recipes from all around the world. Find cooking recipes from the Caribbean, Phillipines, Africa and many more.

Get bigger muscles with muscle building mania

Homemade Bath Salt Beauty Recipes | Over 500 recipes
Over 500 homemade bath salt and beauty recipes. Learn to make your own aromatherapy bath salt.

Learn gambling secrets with Payback for the Punters
Amazing new e-Book Payback for the Punters reveals top quality gambling secrets that can be used in the casino or when betting on football matches.

Guide showing you how to shop safely online
This eBook guide will show you how to shop safely online. More and more people are choosing to do their shopping online, dont be caught out by fraudsters - Stay safe.

How to teach a child to read | Toddlers to the age of 10
Guide showing you how to teach a child to read. Activities for infants through to the age of 10. The perfect resource for all parents.

Wood finishing techniques | Stains | Wood Fillers | Varnish defects
The ultimate guide to wood finishing. Giving you advice and techniques on a number of different problems including wood stains and varnish defects.

The Miracle Reports | Miracles of salt and vinegar!
Let the brand new Miracle reports amuse and amaze you as its shows you some of the strangest things on the planet. Including amazing information on salt and vinegar.

The Clickbank eBook guide | Start making money with clickbank today
Let the clickbank eBook show you just how easy it is to earn money using clickbank. Use this clickbank guide to increase your affiliate earnings.

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Free e-Books with resale rights - Ebooks with resell rights
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